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“Theoria names a forgotten function for tourism, in which the process of cultural invention through sightseeing becomes self-conscious, reflexive, and hence potentially intelligent” (p. 13). In theoria, we was to see what can be seen; it is the where theory and tourism cross. Sightseeing then, in this reflexive manner, is what the deconsultancy promotes.

"A goal of the EmerAgency, through theoria as an Internet school practice, is to conjoin the activities of tourism and consulting to create an electrate civic sphere" (p. 29). The aim of theoria is the alteration of the electrate civic sphere. Deconsultants create Memorials for “The immediate goal of the deconsultation is to introduce tourists to their participation in theoria” (p. 27).


Reasoneon is the logic of electracy. It is the reasoneon, or the neon sign that began the EmerAgency. It named the concept, the work, and the conceptual place of working through problems in an electrate civic sphere. More importantly this sign is the name for a logic that is different from literacy. It accepts the speed and the image-based reading that citizens (or netizens) engage with as they participate in the public sphere. It is a “speed-of-light peripheral logic” (p. 104). Reasoneon evokes a mood rather than develops and sustains a concept.


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