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KairosWikis, an integral part of the journal Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, Pedagogy, houses articles and reviews whose mode of development and delivery are primarily driven by wikis. Wiki's are collaborative writing spaces that present some unique opportunities (and challenges) for online publishing venues like Kairos. The works that appear here-both articles and reviews-have been rigorously peer-reviewed prior to publication; because the nature of the wiki is to support collaborative writing and editing, however, there is a tension between the notion of a "finished" work and a work that is, in some respects, still being written (or available for edits and revisions provided by the scholarly community of the journal). We are working to balance the need for archival versions of the peer-reviewed portions of the wiki with the goal of the wiki as an open medium that invites contributions and continuations of the articles we've published. For some wiki texts, the main article body will not be editable, but a comment or discussion page will be available for anyone to contribute to (note, however, that you must create an account in order to add or edit); for others, the text will be editable, but an archival, "frozen" version (identical to the work that appears as the original in the history pages of the wiki) will be stored as a webtext (rather than a wikitext) - and that version should be considered the published, peer-reviewed version.

One other option, that we are introducing with Brooks and Mara's The Classical Trivium: A Heuristic and Heuretic for New Media and Digital Communication Studies, is to present the currently-peer-reviewed version, but allow editing and contributing for a period of time before revisiting and re-reviewing the collaborative result. In a future issue, Brooks and Mara will present the revised version along with meta-commentary about the wiki production process. We invite you to contribute and become part of the collaborative authoring team for the revised version.

You are also invited to contribute to the conference reviews: following each review is a comment link that will lead to (or create) a discussion page for that review.

A brief history of Kairos and Wikis

Although KairosWikis is debuting with issue 11.3, it is not the first wiki-based work that has been published in Kairos. The first wiki article is Susan Loudermilk Garza and Tommy Hern's Collaborative Writing Tools: Something Wiki This Way Comes-Or Not!, which was published in issue 10.1 (Fall, 2005). Garza and Hern's wiki was first hosted at Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi - whose writing program has been a leader in using wikis for writing instruction. But one of the purposes of a journal is to provide a stable and secure archive of the works published: this is particularly important for electronic journals, as digital texts have a dismaying habit of moving, decaying, or vanishing altogether. Thus, we have decided to make sure that this and future wiki projects will be housed on the Kairos server in order to provide archival integrity.

KairosWikis is also the journal's second wiki venture — the first is PraxisWiki, which houses the new teaching and learning narratives component of the Praxis section. PraxisWiki features a more controlled use of the wiki for collaboration, engaging a tiered system of authorship and editing (hence, the need for separate wikis). For more information about PraxisWiki, see " While You Were Out: Furnishing Digital Space for a New Decade" by Joyce Walker and the Praxis Editorial Staff in issue 11.1.

We welcome feedback, questions, and contributions — feel free to contact us at kairoswikis at technorhetoric.net!

Douglas Eyman, KairosWikis Editor/Administrator


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