2016 CCCC Reviews

    First published in Kairos 21.2

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Conference Reviews

The Unfamiliar and Familiar
Reviewed by Andrea L. Beaudin

CCCC 2016 Houston Overall Conference Review
Reviewed by Natalie Malin

RNF 2016: Research Network Forum at CCCC
Reviewed by Eric James Stephens

AW.04: Writing Democracy 2016—Documenting Our Place in History: The Political Turn, Part II
Reviewed by Sheri Rysdam

TSIG.08: Special Interest Group for Non-Native English Speaking Writing Instructors
Reviewed by Chen Chen

FSIG.23: Filling the Chair: A Conversation About Graduate Student Mentorship
Reviewed by Megan Keaton

A.04: Reconsidering Professional Credentials of Writing Program Faculty
Reviewed by Elizabeth J. Fleitz

A.08: How to Hold a Slippery Fish: Methodological Challenges and Solutions for Studying Student Dispositions
Reviewed by Megan Schoettler

A.10: Ethics in Action: Place-Based Ethics and Experience Architecture
Reviewed by Brett Oppegaard 

A.11: Approaching FYC from a Research Perspective: Using Teacher and Corpus Inquiry to Impact Practice
Reviewed by Sarah Tinker Perrault

A.31: Teaching Writing to Support #BlackLivesMatter at Predominantly White Institutions
Reviewed by Tessa Brown

A.37: Faculty Developer as Activist: Strategies for Writing Instructors and WPAs.
Reviewed by Chen Chen

B.11: Time to Take Stock: What We Can (and Can't) Learn From Current CHAT Metholodology in Writing Studies Research
Reviewed by Matthew C. Zajic

B.24: Medical Rhetoric and Scientific Communication Medical
Reviewed by Carie S. Tucker King

B.37: Enacting Career Diversity in Rhetoric and Composition: Different Pathways for a Professional Life with a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition
Reviewed by Sarah E. Polo

C.18: The Best of Three Worlds: Integrating Writing, Civic Engagement, and First-Year Experience Programs
Reviewed by Glen Southergill

D.03: Antiracist Classroom Practices: Enacting Socially Just Agendas
Reviewed by Eric J. Stephens

D.16: Bridging Cultures, Languages, and Lands: An Illustration of Latina/o and Chicanx Rhetorical Practices
Reviewed by: Isabel Baca

D.16: Bridging Cultures, Languages, and Lands: An Illustration of Latina/o and Chicanx Rhetorical Practices
Reviewed by: Christina V. Cedillo

D.18: State of Play: Gaming, Writing, Teaching, and Research
Reviewed by Brandee Easter

E.04: Negotiating Competing Curricular, Institutional, and Disciplinary Interests in Advanced Composition
Reviewed by Carie S. Tucker King

G.01: The Purposes of Required Writing?
Reviewed by Matthew C. Zajic

G.19: Uncovering the Hidden: Composition Scholarship as Language Activism
Reviewed by Anjali Pattanayak

I.11: Re-Reading Appalachia: Literacy, Place, and Cultural Resistance
Reviewed by Cecilia Bonner

I.17: Redefining Narrative Writing as a Strategy for Action
Reviewed by Ljiljana Coklin

I.18: Partnering with the Status Quo: Theories, Histories, and Cases of Problematic Partnerships for Action Oriented Practitioners
Reviewed by Madeleine Sorapure

J.24: Visual Rhetoric for Social Change in the Writing Classroom
Reviewed by Jessica Shumake

K.02: Visual, Online, and Geographic Spaces: Places for Social Action
Reviewed by Sarah Hirsch

K.06: Publishing in CCCC's Studies in Writing and Rhetoric
Reviewed by Carie S. Tucker King

K.20: Rhetorical Listening: Difference, Materiality, and the Classroom
Reviewed by Kristi Murray Costello

L.07: Develop, Design, Deliver: Teaching Graduate Students to Teach Writing Online
Reviewed by Carie S. Tucker King

M.10: Frameworks for Enabling Action via Circulation Studies
Reviewed by Meghan A. Sweeney


Review Board

Andrea Beaudin (Coordinating Editor), Texas Tech University
· Steven Corbett, George Mason University
· Christopher Dean, University of California, Santa Barbara
· D. Alexis Hart, Allegheny College
· Will Hochman, Southern Connecticut State University
· Kathy Patterson, University of California, Santa Barbara
· Angela Shaffer, Texas Tech University
· Fred Siegel, Drexel University

Production Editors

Cheryl E. Ball, Editor
James Jarrett, Managing Editor
Michael J. Faris, Production Editor

Assistant Editors

Thank you to the undergraduate students in Cheryl E. Ball's Fall 2016 editing course at West Virginia University for serving as assistant editors who completed the major copy-editing stages for the 2016 CCCC Reviews:

Rebekah Berry
Meaghan DeBoer
Isaac Farmer
Jessica Hamon
Ryan Herdman
Abigail Humphreys
Mike Mann
Morgan McMinn
Victoria Moneyhun
Kazu Negri
Cayla Nolder
Annie Palmer
Deni Remsberg
Kaitlyn Sands
Alexis Trbovich
Alexandra Vaughn
Olivia Wheeler
Claire Zain


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