MMU Scholars List

Antiracism Advoacy

Contributors: Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq, Natasha N. Jones, and Jennifer Sano-Franchini
Affiliation: Virginia Tech, Michigan State University, and West Virginia University
Email: cana@vt.edu
Released: 13 August 2023
Published: Issue 28.1 (August 2023)
Updated: 13 August 2023

The MMU Scholars List is a database of self-identified multiply marginalized and underrepresented scholars (MMU) in technical communication and related fields.

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This list was created from responses to the IRB-approved survey conducted October 2019-April 2020 by Dr. Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq and Dr. Rebecca Walton, from the listing in Walton, Moore, and Jones's 2019 book, Technical Communication After the Social Justice Turn: Building Coalitions for Action (pp. 169-171), and from responses to the above Google Form.

Commonly Used Journal Acronyms

Business and Professional Communication Quarterly (BCQ)
Communication Design Quarterly (CDQ)
Computers & Composition (C&C)
IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication (IEEE)
Journal of Business and Technical Communication (JBTC)
Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (JITP)
Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics (JMR)
Journal of Technical Writing and Communication (JTWC)
Programmatic Perspectives (PP)
Rhetoric of Health & Medicine (RHM)
Rhetoric, Professional Communication, and Globalization (RPCG)
Rhetoric Review (RR)
Rhetoric Society Quarterly (RSQ)
Technical Communication (TC)
Technical Communication Quarterly (TCQ)

KEY—Other Publication Venues

Published book review in academic journal: 1
Edited collection (authored chapter): 2
Edited collection (editor or co-editor): 3
Scholarly monograph: 4
Conference proceedings: 5
Industry/Trade publication: 6
Personal Blog: 7


Name Other Names ORCiD ID Institution Field Journals Other Venues
Adam Banks
Adam Hubrig 0000-0003-0024-2483 Sam Houston State University English, Composition, Rhetoric, Disability Studies CCC, Community Literacy Journal, Reflections, Pedagogy 1,2
Aimee Matsumura McAffee Media Studies, Asian/American Studies
Aimee Roundtree 0000-0002-6466-4805
Alex Ilyasova
Alexandra Hidalgo 0000-0001-5794-3964 Michigan State University Rhetoric, Cultural Rhetorics, Film and Video Production, Film Studies 1,2,3,4
Alexandria Lockett 0000-0002-6267-8875 Spelman College Rhetoric,Composition Studies, Literacy Studies, Professional Writing
Alicia Hatcher
Allegra W. Smith Allegra Smith 0000-0002-5433-3500 Purdue University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies CDQ 2,5
Allison Hitt
Amy J. Wan Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center Rhetoric, Composition, Literacy Studies College English, RR, LiCS, JOGLTEP 1,2,4
Andy K. Trevathan LSU Baton Rouge Technical Writing, Rhetoric, Business Writing JBTC, RR, C&C, Kairos, C&C Online, Pedagogy, Studies in American Indian Literatures 1,2,5,6
Angela M. Haas Illinois State University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Computers & Writing 1,2,3,5
Annika Konrad
Ashanka Kumari Texas A&M University-Commerce Rhetoric, Composition Studies Composition Studies, WPA-Journal, Journal of Popular Culture, Kairos 2,3,5,6
Avery Edenfield Avery C. Edenfield 0000-0002-1273-2204 Utah State University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Trans rhetoric, Queer rhetorics CDQ, JBTC, JTWC, TC, TCQ 5
Baotong Gu
Beck Wise 0000-0001-6456-2879 University of Queensland Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Writing Studies RHM, Pre/Text, Continuum, TEXT 6,7
Berte Reyes Berto Reyes 0000-0003-4726-1294 University of Arizona Rhetoric, Hate Rhetoric, Game Studies, Social Movement Rhetorics, Technical Communication, South Asian Studies and Digital Humanities, Digital Rhetorics, Gender and Identity Studies Spark, The Journal of Creative Geography
Bibhushana Poudyal The University of Texas-El Paso Xchanges, JITP 2
Brandy Dieterle University of Central Florida CDQ, C&C 1,2,5
Caitlyn McKay Caitlyn Laughner, Caitlyn Hart McKay 0000-0002-4814-2070 Ball State University Rhetoric & Composition 2,5,7
Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq Cana U. Itchuaqiyaq 0000-0002-4417-4534 Virginia Tech Technical Communication, Cultural Rhetorics CDQ, TCQ, TC, JBTC, RR 1,2,7
Carlos Evia Carlos Evia Puerto 0000-0001-7981-9796 Virginia Tech Science Communication, Technical Communication, Content Operations CDQ, IEEE, JBTC, TC 2,3,4,5,6
Casie Cobos
Cecilia D. Shelton 0000-0003-4434-8167 University of Maryland-College Park Technical Communication, Black Cultural Rhetorics TCQ, Praxis, Journal of Popular Culture, Pedagogy, IEEE 2,3,podcast
Chen Chen Winthrop University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies 1,2
Christopher Angel Ramirez University of California Merced Creative Writing, Cultural Studies,Digital Arts and New Media, Multimodality, Performance
Cindy Tekobbe Cindy Kay Tekobbe, Cindy Cowles 0000-0002-1409-834X Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies ICS, First Monday 2,5
Cody A Jackson 0000-0002-0493-3399 TCU Rhetoric, Composition Studies, Disability Studies 1,2
Cruz Medina
Damián Baca University of Arizona Rhetoric and Composition Studies 2,3,4,5
David Young
Don Unger
Donnie Johnson Sackey Donnie Johnson, Jr., Donnie J. Sackey 0000-0003-0349-2146 University of Texas at Austin Technical Communication IEEE, JTWC, TCQ 1,2,5
Dorcas A. Anabire 0000-0003-0024-2483 Utah State University Technical Communication, Rhetoric 1,5
Douglas M. Walls Douglas Walls 0000-0003-4556-3029 North Carolina State University Technical Communication, Digital Rhetoric, User Experience (UX) IEEE, JBTC 1,2,3,5
Elena Kalodner-Martin 0000-0002-7982-0559 University of Massachusetts Amherst Composition and rhetoric, technical communication, RHM RR, Kairos, Synapsis, TC, PP, RHM 1,2,5,6,7
Elise Verzosa Hurley 0000-0003-4861-8080 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Composition and rhetoric, technical communication, rhetorics of health and medicine
Emily Gresbrink 0000-0002-1550-3474 University of Minnesota Technical Communication, RHM, Rhetorical History, Crisis & Risk Communication IEEE, PP 2,5
Emily Legg
Enrique Reynoso
Enrique Reynoso, Jr. University of Washington-Bothell Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Latinx Studies 4,7
Eric C. Camarillo University of Houston-Victoria Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies, Writing Centers CDQ, Praxis, The Peer Review 2
Erika I-Tremblay UC Davis Writing Studies
Erin Workman 0000-0002-4348-6691 DePaul University Rhetoric & Composition, Writing Program Administration JBTC, CCC, WAC Journal, South Atlantic Review 2
Errol Rivers
Fernando Sánchez
Flourice Richardson
G. Edzordzi E Agbozo 0000-0002-4501-9018 University of North Carolina Wilmington Technical Communication CDQ, Applied Linguistics Review, Current Issues in Language Planning, TC, PP 1,2
Gabrielle Isabel Kelenyi Gabrielle Kelenyi, Gabbi Kelenyi 0000-0003-2667-2828 Lafayette College Composition & Rhetoric, Literacy Studies College English, Urban Education, Writers: Craft & Context, Journal of Teaching Writing 1,2
Genevieve García de Müeller
Geoffrey Clegg Midwestern State University Technical writing, business writing, technical editing TCQ, BCQ 1,2,4,5
Godwin Y Agboka University of Houston-Downtown Technical Communication JTWC, TC, TCQ 3
GPat Patterson
Halcyon M. Lawrence Halcyon Lawrence Towson University Technical Communication CDQ, IEEE 2,5
Han Yu
Han Zhu University of Utah Writing and Rhetoric Rhetorica, China Media Research, Composition Forum 1,2,4
Huatong Sun
Huiling Ding
Iris D. Ruiz UC Merced Technical Communication, Rhetoric,Composition Studies 3,4,5
Isaac Wang
Isabel Baca University of Texas at El Paso Technical Writing, Workplace Writing, Bilingual Professional Writing, Community Writing, Service-learning in Writing Studies IEEE, TCQ, Reflections, Open Words, Language Value, Latinx Writing and Rhetoric Studies 2, 3, 5
Isidore Kafui Dorpenyo George Mason university Technical Communication JTWC, TC, TCQ 4
J. Blake Scott
Jagadish Paudel 0000-0001-9333-8876 University of Texas at El Paso Promoting Social Justice in Multilingual Writing classrooms, Non-Western Rhetoric RSQ 1,2,3,5
Jamal-Jared Alexander
James Chase Sanchez
Jason Chew Kit Tham Jason Tham 0000-0001-8309-5284 Texas Tech University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies CDQ, IEEE, JBTC, JTWC, TC, TCQ 1,2,3,5,7,Medium
Jennifer Nish 0000-0002-9225-4723 Texas Tech University Rhetoric, Composition Peitho 2
Jennifer Sano-Franchini Jennifer Lee Sano-Franchini 0000-0001-5499-3894 West Virginia University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies TC, Rhetoric Professional Communication and Globalization, CCC, C&C, RR, Enculturation, Present Tense, International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 1,2,3,5
Jennifer Scucchi J. Scucchi Utah State University Technical Communication, Rhetoric
Jesse Rice-Evans CUNY Graduate Center, CUNY City Tech Rhetoric, Composition Studies 7
Jessica Edwards Jessica R. L. Edwards 0000-0003-1370-7219 University of Delaware Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies 1,2,3,4,5
Jianfen Chen Towson University Technical and Professional Communication C&C 2,5,7
Jiaxin Zhang 0000-0002-9461-629X Texas Tech University Technical Communication 5
Joan Miller Joan Joda University of Southern California Rhetoric, Communication 2
Jolivette Mecenas 0000-0003-1401-254X California Lutheran University Rhetoric and Writing WPA: Writing Program Administration, Open Words: Access & English Studies, Radical Teacher, JMR 2, NPR
Josephine Walwema 0000-0002-9677-9308
Joy Robinson 0000-0003-1926-8966
Joyce Locke Carter
Karrieann Soto Vega Karrieann Soto 0000-0002-6875-7101 University of Kentucky Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies JOGLTEP, CCCS, Journal of Academic Freedom
Kat M. Gray Katherine M. Gray 0000-0002-0568-2624 University of Arkansas Rhetoric, Tech Comm, Queer Studies 1,7
Kateryna Barnes Kateryna SE Barnes University of Alberta Rhetoric,Composition Studies, Game Studies First Person Scholar; Gothic Nature
Kathleen M. Turner Ledgerwood Kathleen M. Turner Lincoln University Rhetoric, Composition Studies 1,2,5
Katie Manthey Salem College Professional writing, cultural rhetorics, fat studies, multimodality 1,2,3,7
Keerthi Potluri
Kefaya Diab digital rhetorics, composition, technical communication textbook chapter
Kelly Medina-López 0000-0002-2209-4349 Cal State-Monterey Bay Rhetoric, Writing Studies, Border Studies, Latinx Writing and Rhetoric Studies Constellations 2
Kendall Gerdes 0000-0002-0147-0739 Texas Tech University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies, Writing Studies, Communication Philosophy and Rhetoric, RSQ 1,2,3
Kendall Leon
Keshab Acharya
Kimberly Fain
Kimberly Harper
Kourtney Moore
Krista Kennedy 0000-0001-7437-8717 Syracuse University Rhetoric, Disability Studies, Science & Technology Studies CDQ, RHM, CE, RSQ, C&C, Explorations in Media Ecologies 2,3,4,5,7
Kristen A. Holcomb Texas Tech University Technical Communication
Laquana Cooke 0000-0001-9136-6427
Laura Gonzales
Lee Hibbard Lee W. Hibbard Purdue University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies, Game Studies
Lehua Ledbetter University of Rhode Island Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Cultural Rhetorics IEEE, TCQ, Spark, Reflections 2,4,5
Les Hutchinson Campos Les Hutchinson Boise State University Rhetoric, Cultural Rhetoric, Digital Rhetoric, Technical Communication, Indigenous Studies CDQ, TCQ, C&C, Peitho, Kairos 2,3,5
Li Li Elon University Technical Communication, Rhetoric TCQ
Lisa Dooley 0000-0003-4522-0405 Illinois State University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Disability Studies, Composition Studies 1,2
Liz Miller The Ohio State University Rhetoric and Composition, Disability Studies 1,7
Liza Potts Liza Kaplan Potts 0000-0003-4207-6583 Michigan State University Technical Communication CDQ, IEEE, JTBC, TC, TCQ 2,3,4,5,6
Loel S. Kim
Lucía Durá 0000-0002-8082-4397 The University of Texas at El Paso technical communication, rhetorics of health and medicine, risk communication, community-based work JBTC, TCQ 2,5,6
Maggie Melo
Mais T. Al-Khateeb 0000-0002-5310-575X California State University Los Angeles Rhetoric and Writing Studies RSQ
Manako Yabe 0000-0002-8365-9454
Mara Lee Grayson Mara Grayson California State University Dominguez Hills Composition Studies, Rhetoric, English Education, Creative Writing English Education, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Composition Studies, Writing on the Edge, Pedagogy, Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, WPA, CCC 2,4,5,6,7
Marcos Del Hierro
Mari Elena Ramler
Mari Elena Ramler Mari Yodka Tennessee Tech University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Rhetoric of Religion TCQ, Constellations, Capacious, Textshop Experiments, Screen Bodies, Performance, Religion, and Spirituality 2
Maria Novotny University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies CDQ, JTWC 2
María P. Carvajal Regidor 0000-0002-1926-4597 University of Massachusetts Boston Writing Studies Praxis, Writing Center 2,3
Marlene Galvan
Matthew Cox
Max Liboiron 0000-0003-3837-8650 Memorial University STS, media studies, science communication 2,3,5
Michael Faris 0000-0002-7374-1972 Texas Tech University
Michelle N P Grue Michelle Petty 0000-0003-3720-7091 University of California, Santa Barbara Rhetoric, Composition, Higher Education, Creative Writing Journal of College Reading and Learning, JMR 5,7
Michelle Tram Nguyen Bowling Green State University Rhetoric and Composition CDQ 1,5,7
Miriam F. Williams Miriam Williams Texas State University Technical Communication IEEE, JBTC, JTWC, TC, TCQ,PP 2,3,4
Mohamed Yacoub 0000-0002-4557-0790 Florida International University Composition and Applied Linguistics Journal of Language, Identity, and Education 1
Natalie Madruga UCF Rhetoric, Composition Studies
Natascha Drubek Drubek-Meyer 0000-0002-1245-8436 Apparatus Film/Media Studies, Cultural Studies. CompLit 1,2,3,4,5,6
Natasha N. Jones Natasha Jones Michigan State University Technical Communication, Rhetoric CDQ, IEEE, JBTC, JTWC, TC, TCQ, RPCG,CCC 1,2,4,5
Nora K. Rivera Nora Rivera 0009-0001-9038-8840 Chapman University Technical and Professional Communication, Rhetoric and Composition TC, PP 2,5
Nupoor Ranade Jalindre, N. 0000-0003-0661-3898 George Mason University Technical Communication CDQ 2,5
Octavio Pimentel
Omar Ahmed Yacoub Omar Yacoub 0000-0003-2750-0729 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Composition and Applied Linguistics
Patti Poblete
Phill Alexander
Priya Sirohi
Priyanka Ganguly Priya Ganguly 0000-0002-6509-1498 Virginia Tech Rhetoric, writing, and technical communication Xchanges, English for Specific Purposes 5
Quan Zhou
Rachel Atherton 0000-0002-4407-4269 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Technical Communication, Rhetoric CDQ, IEEE, JBTC, TC 5
Rachel Donegan 0000-0001-7310-7667 Georgia Gwinnett College Rhetoric, Composition Studies, Disability 2
Rosanna Vail 0000-0002-4311-7861 Texas Tech University Technical Communication, Rhetoric Technical Communication and Social Justice, JMR 1
Ruby Nancy Ruby K. Nancy U of Minnessota Duluth, East Carolina U Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Professional Communication 1,6
Ryan Michael Murphy Purdue University Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Philosophy 2
Ryan Omizo 0000-0002-2796-6281
Salma Kalim International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan Feminist Rhetorics, Digital Rhetorics, Writing Studies CDQ 2,4,5
Samantha Blackmon
Samantha Clem Utah State University Technical Communication Journal of Competency Based Education
Saveena (Chakrika) Veeramoothoo 0000-0002-5358-8720 University of Minnesota Technical Communication JTWC, TCQ DRC
Shayla M. Corprew 0000-0002-5115-1314 Texas Tech University Technical Communication, Rhetoric Spark
Sherri Craig Virginia Tech Professional Writing, Black Studies, Black Rhetorics special issue editor (2)
Shui-yin Sharon Yam 0000-0002-8092-8436 University of Kentucky Rhetoric RSQ, QJS, Women Studies in Communication, Howard Journal of Communication, Present Tense, Feminist Formations, Frontiers-A Journal of Women Studies, Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric, Rhetorics, Politics, and Culture 1,2,4
Shyam Pandey Purdue University 1,2,3
Simone J. Billings Santa Clara University Rhetoric 1,2, textbook co-author
Sonia Arellano
Stephanie Kerschbaum
Stephanie Mahnke Utah Valley University Rhetoric 2,5
Suban Nur Cooley
Sushil Oswal 0000-0003-2338-59110 University of Washington Human-Centered Design, Accessibility, Disability Studies, Technical Communication CDQ, JBTC, JTWC, TCQ, Kairos, Work, Disability Studies Quarterly, Peace Prints, European Journal of Social Inclusion 1,2,3,5,6
Sweta Baniya Virginia Tech Technical Communication, Rhetoric TCQ, Enculturation, Journal of Technology Studies 2,4,5
Tabitha Espina Velasco Tabitha Velasco Eastern Oregon University Rhetoric, Cultural Rhetorics, Composition, Filipino American Studies, Pacific Studies, Island Studies Race and Pedagogy Journal, The International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology, Asian Studies, Humanities Diliman, Local Voices Anthology, Festival of the Pacific Literary Arts, Pacific Asian Inquiry, Micronesian Educator 1,2,5,6
Tatiana Batova 0000-0002-9218-2416 ASU Technical communication, healthcare, business communication, cross-cultural communication, UX, content strategy IEEE, JBTC, TC, TCQ 5,6
Temptaous McKoy 0000-0001-7727-46570
Therese Pennell
Timothy M. Ponce University of Texas Arlington Technical Communication Texas Studies in Language and Literature, PP, Pedaogogy 2,5,6,MadCap blog
Tom William 0000-0003-1347-3475 University of Toronto Composition/Rhetoric, Technical Communication IEEE
Tony Bushner
Travis Webster
Tyrell Collins Rhetoric and Composition
Veronica Garrison-Joyner Veronica Joyner UCF Technical Communication TCQ 2
Victor J. Del Hierro U of Florida Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies CDQ 1,5
Victoria L. Braegger 0000-0001-5144-6545 Purdue University Technical Communication, Rhetoric 2
Vyshali Manivannan 0000-0002-2853-0279 Pace University-Pleasantville Rhetoric, Disability Studies, Medical Rhetoric WPA Journal, Digital Health, Platform, Fibreculture, Enculturation 1,2,3,5,7
Wilfredo Flores
Xiaobo Wang
Xiaoli Li
Yingying Tang Auburn University Technical Communication Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Technical Communication Quarterly 1,2,5
Yolanda Bergstrom-Lynch Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch 0000-0003-4869-6994 Trinity College Social Justice and Critical Pedagogy, Research Librarian 2,4
Yunye Yu
Zarah C. Moeggenberg Zarah Moeggenberg The College of St. Scholastica Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies 1,2,3,5

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