Digital Pedagogy Poster Sessions

E-WAVE Pedagogies: Electronic Written, Aural, & Visual Expressions

Curator: Dickie Selfe
School Affiliation: Ohio State University
Email: selfe.3@osu.edu

Many of you are familiar with the Digital Pedagogy Poster Sessions presented at the CCCC over the few years. Dickie Selfe, and the Digital Pedagogy Poster presenters, have recently begun transferring these presentations to PraxisWiki. We currently offer presentations from 2011 and 2012 and will be adding new posters throughout the year.

Digital Pedagogy Poster Sessions for CCCC 2012

Doing Digital: A Production-Focused Pedagogy, Andy Buchenot and Kristin Prins
Keeping it Real: The Places & Spaces of the Digital Citizen, Ben McCorkle

Digital Pedagogy Poster Sessions for CCCC 2011

Focused Topic Tweets for Surface Level Tricks & Treats, Shelley Rodrigo & Elaine Jolayemi
Multimodal Remix and/as Cultural Critique, Dominic Ashby, Amir Hassan, & Mandy Watts
Paying Attention to What's Behind the Curtain: An Introductory HTML Activity, Christine Photinos
Animate to Advocate for Non-profits, Moe Folk
Tracing Rhetorical Style from Prose to New Media: 3.33 Ways, Derek Mueller
Web 2.0 Technologies and Rhetorical Action, Brent Simoneaux
Assessing Remix Assignments: Audio/video and Fair Use, Ben McCorkle
Using Digital Delivery Theory as a Heuristic for Multimodal Video Composing, Chanon Adsanatham

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