2015 CCCC Reviews

First published in Kairos 20.2

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Conference Reviews

Tweeting 4C15: What Were We Talking about When We Were Tweeting?

Reviewed by Chen Chen

Seize the Conference

Reviewed by Jeannie Bennett

Extra-Sessionary Discourse (Or Talks Over Drinks)

 Reviewed by Maury Elizabeth Brown and Daniel L. Hocutt

Making Room for Real-world Embodied Work: Hearing from and Talking to Speakers from Multiple Sessions

Reviewed by Christina V. Cedillo

Minority WPAs and the Role(s) of Identity: A Review of Sessions B.16, G.13, and K.35

Reviewed by Somaily Nieves

Networked Organizing, Local Engagement: Talking Equality in CCCC 2015's Action Hub

Reviewed by Don Unger

Newcomer Events: Orientation & Coffee Hour

Reviewed by Patrick Harris

An Overview of (a few) Queer CCCC Sessions

Reviewed by Rachael A. Ryerson

Qualitative Research Network Forum

Reviewed by Sheri Rysdam

The Roles of WPAs: A Review of Sessions B.13, E.27, and G.13A

Reviewed by Garrett Arban

The Work of Writing Program Administration

Reviewed by Emily Proulx

PS: Great Goodbyes!

Reviewed by Will Hochman

Session Reviews

A.04: The Risks of Engagement: Infrastructures of Place-Based Pedagogy in Urban Midwestern Contexts

Reviewed by Ashley J. Holmes

A.24: Better Breathers are Better Learners

Reviewed by Craig Wynne

A.32:  Making Courses Talk to Each Other: Transfer of Learning from the First Year into the Disciplines

Reviewed by Katherine Tirabassi

A.34: After "The Epistemic Music of Rhetoric": Risks and Rewards Teaching Non/Object(ive), Dis/Sonic, E/Lectronic, Re/Embodied Sounds

Reviewed by S. Andrew Stowe

B.12: Risk and Resilience in Women's Professional Lives in Composition and Rhetoric

 Reviewed by Angela Clark-Oates

B.16: Motherhood and Other Challenges: Joys and Difficulties of Being on the Tenure Track

 Reviewed by Cara Kozma

B.28: Research on Responding and Document Assessment—Assessing Writing and Responding Using Traditional and Big Data Methods

 Reviewed by LauraAnne Carroll-Adler

B.42: Rhetoric in the Flesh: Embodiment Discourse

Reviewed by Kathleen Mollick

B.43: "Making the Lifeless Living": Style Pedagogy in the FYC Classroom, the Writing Center, and the Basic Writing Studio

Reviewed by Lauren Gregory

C.05: Engaging in Publics Beyond the Classroom: Invention and Pedagogies of Place

Reviewed by Erica Cirillo-McCarthy

C.07: Assessment's Historical Dismissal of Writer and Reader Experience

Reviewed by Brian J. Stone

C.09: Risky Discourse in the Digital Public Sphere: Embodiment, Audience, and Intersectionality

Reviewed by LauraAnne Carroll-Adler

C.11: "FWIW—For What It's Worth...": Ignoring Conventional Wisdom on the Tenure Track

Reviewed by Natalie Dorfeld

C.17: Racism and White Privilege in the Writing Classroom: Tactics, Risks, Rewards

 Reviewed by Anjali Pattanayak

C.18: Program Politics: The Professional Risks and Rewards of Program Innovation

 Reviewed by Natalie A. Johnson

C.24: Innovative Pedagogies for Students on the Margins: Developmental and Multilingual Writers

 Reviewed by Kathleen Mollick

C.27: The Risks and Rewards of Collaboratively Teaching Scientific Writing

 Reviewed by Sarah Tinker Perrault

C.29: Memory, Materiality, Media: Re-Composing Unknowable Pasts

 Reviewed by Enrique Paz

C.35: Common Core State Standards, Meet the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing: A Risky, Rewarding Table for Course Re-Design

 Reviewed by Matthew C. Zajic

D.32: Testing Metacognition: The Risks and Rewards of Reflecting on Revision Practices

 Reviewed by Bruce Kovanen

D.41: 106 State University Study of Writing Programming: Bird's Eye View with Local Contextualization

 Reviewed by Natalie A. Johnson

E.25: Transparency in Research: Messiness, Rigor, and Ethics in the Conduct of Writing Research

 Reviewed by Samantha Cosgrove

E.27: The Risks and Rewards of a Large-Scale Data Project: Results from the WPA Census

 Reviewed by Natalie A. Johnson

F.03: Auditing the Discipline: The Ethical and Institutional Risks of Disciplining Activism and Advocacy

 Reviewed by Laura Sparks

F.19: Rhetorics of Risk, Loss, Nostalgia, and Connection in Sonic Composing Practices

 Reviewed by Matthew Sansbury

G.03: Writing the Self: From Within/Without Imprisonment

Reviewed by Laura Rogers

G.13: Rhetorical Agency and the Administrative Call for Faculty of Color

Reviewed by Sherri Craig

G.31: Tweeting, Timelines, and Transfer: Opening the Composition Classroom to Students' Social Media Literacies

Reviewed by Kimberly M. Miller

G.Dialog: Dialog on Disability and Accessibility

Reviewed by Ruth Osorio

H.27: Transfer of Learning and Constructive Metacognition: A Taxonomy of Metacognition for Writing Studies

Reviewed by Clay Walker

I.03: Reciprocity in Community–University Engagement: Community Partners Discuss Tensions and Possibilities

Reviewed by Isabel Baca

I.09: Teaching with Games and Infographics

Reviewed by Lee Hibbard

J.31: Non-Human Actors, Human Authors, and Transfer: ANT for Understanding Literate Practice

Reviewed by M. W. Shealy

K.25: Mapping Trajectories of Persons and Practices: A CHAT Approach to Researching Disciplinary and Professional Development

Reviewed by Lillian Campbell

K.26: A Theory of Ethics for Writing Assessment: Risk and Reward for Civil Rights, Program Assessment, and Large Scale Testing

Reviewed by Katrina L. Miller

L.01: Rethinking Basic Writing: New Ideas and Perspectives

Reviewed by Matthew C. Zajic

M.09: Sound and Ambience: Investigating Thomas Rickert's Ambient Rhetoric

Reviewed by Daniel L. Hocutt

M.25: Accommodating Access: The Theory, Practice, and Pitfalls of Accommodation in Composition and Beyond

Reviewed by Matthew C. Zajic

MW.10: Actually Teaching Style: Upping the Ante on Academic Writing

Reviewed by Danielle Koupf

Reviews Editors

  • Andrea Beaudin
  • Steven Corbett
  • Chris Dean
  • Alexis Hart
  • Will Hochman
  • Michelle LaFrance
  • Randall McClure
  • Kathy Patterson
  • Angela Shaffer
  • Fred Siegel
  • Stephanie Vie

Reviews Assistant Editors

  • Hannah Ceo
  • Samantha Clarkson
  • Brandy Dieterle
  • Victor Esch
  • Michael J. Faris
  • William Fogarty
  • Celeste Lantz
  • Holly McIntyre
  • Hope Hart
  • James Jarrett
  • Jennifer Nagy
  • Kristi Prins
  • Trista Urban
  • Lydia Welker


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