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PraxisWiki is a section of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy that publishes webtexts exploring the intersections and tangents of digital writing and pedagogy. We invite pieces demonstrating pedagogy in action, research methods in practice, scholarly concepts in development, and more. Have an idea for a PraxisWiki webtext? Submission guidelines are included at the bottom of this page!

PraxisWiki is peer reviewed in the same manner as webtexts in our other peer-reviewed journal sections. Editorial board members are listed on the journal's website.

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PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 29.1

Responding to Cultural Crises Through Social Media Research and Student–Faculty Collaboration, Sarah Riddick, with Stephanie Tam, Emily Stead, Nathaniel Shimkus, Drew Mulcare, Ngoga Julien Vainqueur Mugabo, Jorgo Gushi, Nathaniel Gamboa, Tian Yu Fan, Charles Dursin, and Ryan Crowley (22 May 2024)

Transforming Writing Rubrics: Assessment and Reflection in Process-Based Courses, Elkie Burnside (2 July 2024)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 28.2

The Making of a MAB: Composing a Multimodal Annotated Bibliography and Exploring Multimodal Research and Inquiry, Isabelle Lundin, Joey Colby, Courtney Jarema, Lauren Karmo, Antonio Verrelli, Katlynn Wheatley, and Crystal VanKooten (9 January 2024)
Effective Video Instruction in Online Courses: Suggestions Grounded in Universal Design for Learning, Ann M. Amicucci (9 January 2024)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 28.1

The Multimodal Advocacy Project: Centering Accessible Composing Choices, Molly E. Ubbesen (28 June 2023)
Re-envisioning the Abstract: Visual Abstracts in Writing Studies, Molly Ryan (14 August 2023)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 26.2

“Hello, Is This the Writing Center?”: Illicit Paper Mill Activity and the Compromised Recomposition of College and University Websites, Jim Ridolfo, William Hart-Davidson, and Chris Lindgren (14 December 2021)
A Genre Analysis Workshop for Faculty Writing Digital Monographs, Gwendolynne Reid and Sarah McKee (14 December 2021)
Googling Writing: Google Docs, Draftback, and Researching and Responding to Students’ Writing Process, Roger Powell (7 December 2021)
Classroom Netprov: A Walkthrough of Electronic Literature Support Group for Teachers, Hannah Ackermans (3 December 2021)
Canadian Mixtape: Sounding Out Digital Authoring Practices with Undergraduate Writer/Designers, Rich Shivener (corresponding author), with Hannah Anderson, Mihnea Dumitru, Oyindamola Esho, Jessica Oliveira Da Silva, Varsha Ramnarine Singh, Julia Vaiano, & Ademi Yestayeva (3 December 2021)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 26.1

Sounding Out in a Predominately White Institution: Circulating Asian American Sound for Institutional Change, Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Margaret Fernandes, Jonathan Adams, and Michelle Kim (15 August 2021)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 25.2

Using Data Visualization to Analyze Big Data in Social Networks, Tracey Hayes (15 January 2021)
Assigning Graduate Student Digital Co-Authorship: A Student's Perspective, Krista Speicher Sarraf (15 January 2021)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 25.1

Storytelling with and around Data, Patrick Danner (15 August 2020)
Following the Narrative: Using Data Visualization in the Composition Classroom, Shannon N. Fanning (15 August 2020)
Rhetmap.org: Composing Data for Future Re-Use and Visualization, Chris Lindgren and Jim Ridolfo (25 June 2020)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 24.2

Connecting Writing Programs and Faculty with Disability Services, Jay Dolmage, Melissa Helquist, Tara Wood (22 November 2019)
A DIY Electronic Survey Device for Studying User Experience, John T. Sherrill (4 September 2019)
Visualizing Suffering: Undergraduate Big Data and Humanities Research on Affect and Politics, Astrid Giugni & Jessica Hines (4 February 2020)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 23.2

Critical Rhetorical Analysis of Social Media Sites, Amber M. Buck & Lilian W. Mina (15 January 2019)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 23.1

User Testing Student ePortfolios: An Activity for Peer Reviewing Showcase ePortfolios and Raising Audience Awareness, Jenae Druckman Cohn (14 August 2018)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 22.2

The Markdown Movement: Writing's Influence on Markdown, Aaron Beveridge (20 December 2017)
Twitter Bots As Digital Writing Assignments, Rachael Graham Lussos (19 December 2017)
Twitter Archives: A Discussion of Systems, Methods, Visualizations, and Ethics, William I. Wolff (1 October 2017) 

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 22.1

"That Looks Weird": Analyzing the Rhetoric and Technology of Websites Over Time with Critical Genre Awareness, Marcy Leasum Orwig (15 March 2017)
Critics and Cartographers in the Classroom: Using CARTO and WordPress to Build a Digital Public Writing Project, J. Bret Maney (26 June 2017)
Digital Badges in the First-Year Composition Classroom, Spencer Smith (28 July 2017)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 21.2

3D Interviewing with Researcher POV Video: Bodies and Knowledge in the Making, Ann Shivers-McNair (4 January 2017)
Using Evernote to Encourage and Monitor Student Research, Steve Marsden (4 January 2017)
Using ELAN Video Coding Software to Visualize the Rhetorics of Translation, Laura Gonzales (4 January 2017)
Critical Exploration of Learning Management Systems, A. Nicole Pfannenstiel, Tenie Zarifian, Jordan Watson (11 January 2017)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 21.1

Collect, Select, Reflect: Assigning Research Eportfolios to Encourage Student Inquiry, Jacob W, Craig (6 August 2016)
Digital Dissertations: A Research Story, Megan Adams & Kristine Blair (18 July 2016)
Blackboard CMS for Large-scale Data Collection, Thomas Peele (26 April 2016)
Three Ways In: Teaching Visual Rhetoric through Web-Based Infographic Programs, Marisa Sandoval Lamb, Jenna Sheffield, & Kristin Winet (15 April 2016)
Intervention by Design: Helping Students Build Agency within the Designed Interfaces of Web 2.0, Katherine Bridgman (31 March 2016)
Transcribe.wreally: Methods for Digital Transcription of Audio, Mariana Grohowski (29 February 2016)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 20.2

Digital Fénéon: Experiments with Style, Moe Folk (10 September 2015)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 20.1

Visual Composing: Design & Response In a MOOC, Susan Delagrange & Ben McCorkle (28 July 2015)
Hey, @students! #Letschat: Using Social Media to Facilitate Research and Public Engagement, Jessie Miller, Shanna Gilkeson, & Lisa Pignotti (21 May 2015)
Mindful Writer/Embodied Writer: Universal Design and Multimodal Argument, Kate Chaterdon & Katie Silvester (15 May 2015)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 19.2

Teaching Students How to Write Teaching Evaluations, Nick Carbone (15 Jan 2015)
Great Debating: Combining Ancient and Contemporary Methods of Peer Critique, Steven J. Corbett (8 Oct 2014)
Procedures, Projects, and Programs: Florida State University’s Digital Studio Tutor Handbook, Josh Mehler, Stephen McElroy, & Jennifer Wells (15 Jan 2015)

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 19.1

Why I Still Blog, Lanette Cadle
Digital (Re)Visions: Blending Pedagogical Strategies with Dynamic Classroom Tactics, Gina Szabady, Crystal N. Fodrey, & Celeste Del Russo
Wiki Writing as Cyberfeminist Pedagogical Practice, Rebecca S. Richards

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 18.2

Encouraging Digital Dexterity in Basic Writers, Amy Patterson, Nicole Hancock, & Lynn Reid
Text - Video - Text: Multimodal Remediation with an Eye on Viral Literacy, Dan Wuebben

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 18.1

Suggested Practices for Syllabus Accessibility Statements, Tara Wood & Shannon Madden
Developing Critical Literacy and Critical Thinking through Facebook, David T. Coad

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 17.2

Virtual Teaming: Faculty Collaboration in Online Spaces, Jen Almjeld, Natalia Rybas & Sergey Rybas
Lessons in Generative Design, Publishing, and Circulation: What EM-Journal's First Year Has Taught Us Derek Mueller, Jana Rosinski, Chelsea Lonsdale, Becky Morrison & Adam Nannini

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 17.1

Doing Digital: A Production-Focused Pedagogy, Andy Buchenot and Kristin Prins
Keeping it Real: The Places & Spaces of the Digital Citizen, Ben McCorkle

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 16.2

PraxisWiki: Gregory Ulmer's Electracy: An Archive, Jeremy Cushman and Alex Layne
Focused Topic Tweets for Surface Level Tricks & Treats, Shelley Rodrigo & Elaine Jolayemi
Multimodal Remix and/as Cultural Critique, Dominic Ashby, Amir Hassan, & Mandy Watts
Paying Attention to What's Behind the Curtain: An Introductory HTML Activity, Christine Photinos
Animate to Advocate for Non-profits, Moe Folk
Tracing Rhetorical Style from Prose to New Media: 3.33 Ways, Derek Mueller
Web 2.0 Technologies and Rhetorical Action, Brent Simoneaux
Assessing Remix Assignments: Audio/video and Fair Use, Ben McCorkle
Using Digital Delivery Theory as a Heuristic for Multimodal Video Composing, Chanon Adsanatham

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 15.2

Interaction of Author, Audience, and Purpose in Multimodal Texts: Students' Discovery of Their Role as Composer, Beth Powell, Kara Poe Alexander & Sonya Borton
MySpace, Facebook, and Multimodal Literacy in the Writing Classroom, Jennifer Swartz

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 15.1

Course Management Systems as Ongoing Classroom Memory, Jessica Rivait

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 14.2

For a Wiki, Click Here: Choose Your Own Adventure Stories as a Pedagogical Match for Wiki Interfaces, Matthew Newcomb & Amy Nimon

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 14.1

Working with Wikis in Writing-Intensive Classes, Michelle Navarre Cleary, Suzanne Sanders-Betzold, Polly Hoover & Peggy St. John

PraxisWiki, Kairos Issue 12.1

Composing Multimedia Scholarship
Emboldened Linking: Growing Wiki-cology, Trey Conner, John Monroe & Emery R. Skolfield
WICI - Wikis in Composition Instruction, Toby F. Coley

Using Web-based Course Tools for Teaching Composition
WebCT as a listening aid for instructors, Sally Chandler.
Using the Social-networking site Facebook as a Teaching Tool, Elaine Childs
Using Blackboard to Develop Process-Oriented Writing, Doug Enders
Why Wiki?, Dundee Lackey
Writing a CMS is Hard: Why You've Never Heard of MagicFunnel, Brian Ladd.
Going Online for Conflict Resolution, Joan Latchaw.
SAKAI Materials for Library Orientations: A Collaboration between the UCSB Libraries and the Writing Program, Karen J. Lunsford & Jane Faulkner with Alison Brown, Vicki Chu, James Ford, Steve Miley & Cassandra Nichols
Building Presence and Community in the Online Class, Michelle Manning
iTunes University, Alex Reid
A community of On-line Writers: The Culture of Sharing in Course Management Systems, Kelly Shea
Using Drupal in an Academic Environment, Jeremy Tirrell.
Using Segue Inside and Outside of a Multimodal Composition Classroom, Martha Webber
Integrating Drupal, Flickr, and Mediawiki in a First-year Writing Composition Class, Pavel Zemliansky


Contributing to PraxisWiki

Please send submissions through the Kairos submission form (you can link submissions to the form through a google doc). You can also send queries and questions directly to the Topoi/Praxis/PraxisWiki editorial team at kairosrtp at gmail.com

Submissions should be between 3,000 and 6,000 words, take advange of the multimodal publishing platform in some way, and accord to the modified APA style and accessibility Kairos guidelines. Upon acceptance, contributors will be given open access to editing and adding content in PraxisWiki in order to build their webtext (with editorial support). Submissions undergo a Tier I (editorial team) review and then a Tier II (editorial board) review. Submissions are welcome and published on a rolling basis. 

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